Surrey Place Centre

Business Plan

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Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

We help people of all ages with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorder to lead healthy and socially inclusive lives using our exemplary skills in interdisciplinary clinical services, education and research.

Our Vision:

Living your potential – All your Life!

Our Values

We Believe In:

We succeed by working together with our clients, families and community and government partners.

We do what we say we will do and deliver the best possible results for the people we serve.

We develop new ideas and approaches to share with the world.

We seek to understand before being understood and accept differences in a professional and caring manner.

We respond to the needs of our clients and partners promptly and with excellence.

Who We Are:

Surrey Place Centre provides specialized clinical services that are responsive to individual need and promote health and well-being in the Toronto region. Our comprehensive programs and services range from assessment, diagnosis, and one-on-one treatment, to family counselling and group support and are provided by a broad network of clinicians who work together in inter-professional teams to provide optimal service.

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About Our Programs & Services:

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Strategic Directions 2015-2020

Our 2015-2020 Strategic Directions are the culmination of discussions with and guidance from our clients, staff, board, and our government and community partners.

Strengthening Our Capacity: We will strategically invest in our people and infrastructure to provide the highest standards of service for our clients and their families.

Bridging Gaps in the System: We will improve the quality and efficiency of developmental services locally and provincially by strengthening and expanding our collaboration with the health system.

Building Upon and Leveraging Our Life-Span Model: We will expand and share our interdisciplinary expertise for all ages with our community partners and improve our best practices through research and education for the benefit of our clients throughout their life-span.

Shaping the Future: We will partner with government to enhance the provincial system of services and play a role in influencing government policy related to developmental, autism spectrum disorder and health services.

Building a Centre of Excellence: We will enhance our profile and overall effectiveness by focusing on quality of care, applying best practices, creating and sharing knowledge and promoting innovations provincially, nationally and internationally.

Operational Goals

Below is a look at our Operational Goals and Desired Outcomes for 2016-17.

Performance Measures

In 2016-17, Surrey Place Centre plans to build on our
2015-16 performance measures and outcomes as reflected below.

Our Services Have Reached

Infants, children, youth and adults in 2015-16

clients surveyed met or partially
met their goals [2]

clients surveyed reported satisfaction
with the services they received [2]

Speak English as their
first language

Speak English as their
second language[1]

1 Enhancing the SPC Clinical Service Model, Data Context Version 5 (June 28, 2016) – Reviewed and approved by Director, Quality and Decision Support

2 Goal Achievement in Developmental Services, Summary 2015/16 – Reviewed and approved by Director, Research and Education


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