Eating and Mealtime Routines -ASD

There is a wide range of information available on diet and nutrition for individuals with autism. Filtering through this information can be overwhelming. In this workshop families will discuss nutritional considerations, common eating challenges around mealtime routines such as picky eating and sitting at the table for meals, and learn behavioural strategies to address them.

This is a foundational family service through the OAP and families must meet eligibility criteria to attend.

This session is suited for Caregivers.

**Must be registered with the OAP, and have a child between 0-18 with a confirmed diagnosis of ASD to attend**

Note: After attending this session, families are eligible for a 1-hour individual follow up to focus on individualized goals and help caregivers plan to apply their learning to their own families and homes.



1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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