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Grace and Anne Marie’s COVID-19 Vaccination Story

We asked Grace, a Surrey Place client, and her mother, Anne Marie, what it was like for Grace to get her COVID-19 vaccine. What was it like to get your COVID-19 vaccine? How did you feel before and after the vaccination? Grace: “[Before my appointment, I was] scared and nervous.” […]

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We’re Resuming Limited In-Person Appointments

Dear clients, caregivers, and community members, After a lot of careful consideration, we have decided it is safe to resume our in-person services on Monday, May 17. We will be reopening 2 Surrey Place and our East Office for our TRE-ADD, Kindercampus, and Priority 1: Urgent Health and Safety Focus […]

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Ask a Surrey Place Nurse

It’s National Nursing Week! Although nurses contribute to our communities year-round, since the beginning of the pandemic, nurses across the world have done exceptional work in keeping us safe from COVID-19. At Surrey Place, we have four trained nurses who work in a nursing capacity – Angela Gonzales, Mathurah Thangarajah, […]

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