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1-to-1 Focused Behavioural Intervention for Autism

Focused on individualized learning goals for children and youth with autism who are not yet group-ready or require additional support


ABILITY @ SickKids

Improving healthcare delivery for children and youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities or autism spectrum disorder at SickKids

Adult Psychiatric Clinic

Delivers specialized consultation service for diagnosis or medication review to adults aged 18-45 with intellectual and developmental disabilities

After School ABA for Autism

Offers school-age children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) an environment to learn and interact with peers in Toronto


Provides consultation, assessment, counselling, education and intervention to children and adults with developmental disabilities to treat and prevent hearing challenges

Augmentative Communication & Writing Aids Program

Assessment and intervention to use a communication aid to support face-to-face communication and/or written communication at any age

Autism Services

Provides personalized clinical programs for children and youth with autism to thrive at home, school and in their community


Behaviour Therapy

Help children and adults with behavioural challenges learn and implement strategies that encourage meaningful inclusion at home, school and in the community

Behavioural Medical Assessment of Complex Kids and their Environment Clinic

Provides interdisciplinary healthcare assessment and clinical consultation to children aged 6-18 with complex needs and behavioural challenges

Blind-Low Vision Early Intervention Program

Provides early intervention support to parents and caregivers of children from birth to school entry with visual impairments to meet developmental and communication goals


Caregiver-Mediated Early Years Services for Autism

Giving families and caregivers home-based therapeutic strategies that encourage success with their child’s development

Child and Teen Counselling for Autism

Provides counselling to children and teens to address mental health issues associated with autism spectrum disorder, including anxiety and depression

Communication Essentials Package for Autism

Goal-directed speech language development that provides strategies to enhance communication across environments

Community Network of Specialized Care Toronto Region

Offers specialized services to adults with developmental disabilities and multiple complex needs who meet eligibility criteria of Developmental Services Ontario

Comprehensive Skill-Based Assessment for Autism

Offers comprehensive skill assessment for children with autism to identify strengths and needs and help prioritize treatment goals

Conversation Club Summer Camp for Autism

Fun summer camp for children 10-12 with autism to improve communication skills and interaction with others

Coordinated Service Planning

Provides service coordination to children, youth and 0-21 with multiple, complex needs to navigate services and systems in their communities


Daily Applied Behaviour Analysis for Autism

Offers support for social skills, speech language development, behaviour and motor skills in small groups for three hours per day

Developmental Approach to Language Enhancement

Offers training to families and service providers to enhance their communication with adults with developmental disabilities and limited verbal communication

Developmental Paediatrics

Provides children and youth with developmental disabilities and other comorbid diagnoses access to specialized medical consultation

DSO Service Navigation

Supports adults with developmental disabilities before and after eligibility for DSO has been determined, providing information and connections to available services

DSO Toronto Region

Access point for funded service and supports for adults with a developmental disability in the Toronto Region


Early ASD Diagnostic Assessment

Early diagnostic assessments for young children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) looking at play skills, adaptive skills and autism symptomatology.

Early Childhood Vision Consultant Training

Comprehensive training program for organizations interested in professional development in blind-low vision assessment

Entry to School Program for Autism

Skill-building and transition planning supports help prepare children who are entering school for the first time


Family Medicine Consultation Clinic

Serves adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities by conducting physical health assessments and providing recommendations for their medical care

FASD Adult Diagnostic Services

Offers assessment, diagnostic services, comprehensive reports, recommendations and support plans to adults 18+ who may have Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

FASD Children & Youth Diagnostic Services

Offers diagnosis, assessment reports, recommendations and support plans to children 6-18 who may have Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD)

FASD Children & Youth Service Coordination

Helps people 0-21 with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and caregivers navigate programs and services and understand the impact of the disorder

FASD Services

Clinical services helping families and individuals living with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD)

Focus on Skill-Building Programs for Autism

Structured groups focusing on developing specific skills including communication, social skills, self-help skills or behaviour management

Foundational Family Services for Autism

Services to give families & caregivers tools to work with their children and participate in their ongoing learning and development


Healthy Living Camp for Autism

Help your teen with autism boost their independence and expand their understanding of healthy living while gaining important life skills


Infant and Child Development Program

Offers families and caregivers early intervention supports and services for infants and children 0-6 with known or suspected developmental disabilities

Infant Hearing Program

Identifies all infants with permanent hearing loss and providing the services necessary to maximize family communication and language development


Provides clients of all ages at Surrey Place with a team of clinicians who use a collaborative approach to determine appropriate services

Intensive Behavioural Intervention for Autism

One-on-one early intervention therapy for six hours per day for children on the severe end of the autism spectrum

Interdisciplinary Team

Offers service coordination assistance to clients and their families for services available at Surrey Place and in their community


Launching Your FASD Clinic

Consultation service to help support external agency or organization as they prepare to launch an FASD Clinic at their location


Mental Health Group

Provides group-based psychology and social work intervention for children and teens with autism to promote mental health

Mental Health Supports

Clinical and wellness services that address a person’s emotional, psychological and social well-being and build better mental health at any age

Mental Health Supports for Partners and Organizations

Clinical and wellness services that address mental health issues associated with a person’s emotional, psychological and social well-being.

MMW Clinical Videoconferencing Program

Provides clinical services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities living in Northwestern Ontario via videoconferencing technology



Nurses use specialized knowledge about intellectual and developmental disabilities to offer health assessments, education and recommendations to clients and caregivers


Occupational Therapy

Helps children and adults learn skills to support their participation and develop independence in self-care, productivity and leisure

Occupational Therapy Assessment

Determines the level of support needed to support daily participation and develop independence in self-care, productivity and leisure

Occupational Therapy Assessment for Autism

Comprehensive evaluation of sensory processing, gross and fine motor skills to provide an in-depth picture of a child with autism’s needs

Occupational Therapy Consultation

Caregiver-coaching intervention where therapists guide caregivers through the problem-solving process to support independence and community participation

Occupational Therapy Consultation for Autism

Provides fine motor, gross motor and sensory processing recommendations in collaboration with caregivers and the behavioural team

Occupational Therapy Treatment for Autism

Provides intensive intervention for targeted or holistic sensory processing, gross and fine motor treatment in collaboration with caregivers

Organization and Agency Training

Facilitated by leading Surrey Place professionals in the field, external organizations can access training customized for their needs


Parent & Child Social Development and Musical Morning

Provides a music therapy social group for parents and children aged 0-2 to learn child development strategies in a supportive environment

Parenting Enhancement Program

Helps parents with intellectual and developmental disabilities who have young children maintain full custody or create future plans of care

Partners & Organizations

Services for professionals, agencies and organizations to refer clients to Surrey Place assessment, clinical and consultation services

Plus 45 Clinic

Consultative clinical services for aging adults with developmental disabilities to maintain quality of life and support aging in place

Prenatal Parent Psychological Intervention

Offers specialized psychological intervention to pregnant parents whose child will be born with a developmental disability

Preschool Speech and Language Program

Offers preschool speech and language services to children aged 0-5 to identify communication needs and establish daily language learning routines

Psychoeducational Assessment for Autism

Psychoeducational assessment of cognitive, academic, and everyday functioning suited for children & youth with autism

Psychological and Psychodiagnostic Assessments for Partners and Organizations

Experts in psychology, psychiatry, medicine and developmental disability provide assessment and diagnosis to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your client’s needs

Psychology for Adults

Offers clients a range of clinical psychological assessment and intervention services, including individual and group psychotherapy and diagnostic assessments

Psychology for Children and Youth

Offers children and youth a range of clinical services including psychological assessment, consultation, and therapy (individual, sibling, parent, and group)

Psychology for Infancy & Early Childhood

Offers young children and caregivers a range of intervention and assessment services, including psychotherapy for parents and caregivers


School Support Program

Supports for children and youth with autism spectrum disorder to reach their full potential by working with and supporting schools and communities to build capacity

School Support Program – Connections for Students

Supports successful transition of students with autism spectrum disorder from intensive clinical settings to enter school for re-entrance or early

School Support Program – Services Provided to School Boards

Collaborates to increase the capacity of English and French public-school boards to support students on the autism spectrum

Service Coordination

Offers service coordination assistance to clients of all ages and their families for services available at Surrey Place and in their community

Sibling Group

Offers social and peer support for children with siblings who have an intellectual or developmental disability to better understand their experience

SmartStart Hub

SmartStart Hub helps families and caregivers with concerns about their child’s development milestones find assessment, services and support

Social Stars Summer Camp for Autism

Half-day summer camp designed to help children aged 8-10 with autism develop their social skills while having fun

Social Work

Social workers guide and support adults with developmental disabilities and their families to help them cope with life challenges

Speech-Language Assessment for Autism

Comprehensive evaluation across communication domains to provide an in-depth picture of a child with autism’s skills and needs

Speech-Language Consultation for Autism

Provides targeted communication strategies and recommendations in collaboration with caregivers and the behavioural team

Speech-Language Pathology

Offers clinical speech and language services such as assessment, recommendations and training to children and adults with communication challenges

Symphonic Passion Chorus

Festive choir for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to participate in the Surrey Place community, increase social belonging and improve self-esteem


Tell & Seek Play-Based Group for Autism

Provides occupational therapy and speech-language pathology intervention in a group-setting for language development and sensory processing

Transitional Aged Youth

A consultative clinic for youth 14-22 with intellectual and developmental disabilities and/or autism that supports their transition to adulthood

Transitions Team

Works directly with organizations in order to support people with complex needs and prevent them from experiencing crises during transitions


Provides school-based and community support for children and youth with complex behavioural challenges who have autism and related developmental disorders

TRE-ADD Community Support Services

Offers intake and support services to children 6-18 with developmental disorders and behavioural challenges to determine eligibility for TRE-ADD services

TRE-ADD School-Based Services

Supports students with autism or an intellectual disability who have complex behaviours in specialized classroom settings


Urgent Response Service for Autism

Brief, rapid care to support children and youth with autism who are at risk of harming themselves or others


Wellness Services

Free events for clients of all ages, caregivers, professionals, persons with disabilities and community members


Young Adult Team

Supports people aged 18-25 in a successful transition to adult developmental services by using specialized intensive clinical services provided by clinicians

By 2 months

Has your baby had their hearing screened? YES NO

By 6 months

Does the child?

Startle in response to loud noises? YES NO
Turn to where a sound is coming from? YES NO
Make different cries for different needs (hungry, tired)? YES NO
Watch your face as you talk? YES NO
Smile/laugh in response to your smiles and laughs? YES NO
Imitate coughs or other sounds such as ah, eh, buh YES NO

By 9 months

Does the child?

Respond to their name? YES NO
Respond to the telephone ringing or a knock at the door? YES NO
Understand being told no? YES NO
Get what they want through using gestures (reaching to be picked up)? YES NO
Play social games with you (Peek-a-Boo)? YES NO
Enjoy being around people? YES NO
Babble and repeat sounds such as babababa or duhduhduh? YES NO

By 12 months

Does the child?

Follow simple one-step directions (sit down)? YES NO
Look across the room to a toy when adult points at it? YES NO
Consistently use three to five words? YES NO
Use gestures to communicate (waves hi/bye, shakes head for no)? YES NO
Get your attention using sounds, gestures and pointing while looking at your eyes? YES NO
Bring you toys to show you? YES NO
Perform for social attention and praise? YES NO
Combine lots of sounds together as though talking (abada baduh abee)? YES NO
Show an interest in simple picture books? YES NO

By 18 months

Does the child?

Understand the meaning of in and out, off and on? YES NO
Point to more than 2 body parts when asked? YES NO
Use at least 20 words consistently? YES NO
Respond with words or gestures to simple questions (Where's teddy? What's that?)? YES NO
Demonstrate some pretend play with toys (gives teddy bear a drink, pretends a bowl is a hat)? YES NO
Make at least four different consonant sounds (p ,b, m, n, d, g, w, h)? YES NO
Enjoy being read to and sharing simple books with you? YES NO
Point to pictures using one finger? YES NO

By 2 years

Does the child?

Follow two-step directions (Go find your teddy bear and show it to Grandma.)? YES NO
Use 100 to 150 words? YES NO
Use at least two pronouns (you, me, mine)? YES NO
Consistently combine two to four words in short phrases (Daddy hat. Truck go down.)? YES NO
Enjoy being around other children? YES NO
Begin to offer toys to other children and imitate other children's actions and words? YES NO
Use words that are understood by others 50 to 60 per cent of the time? YES NO
Form words or sounds easily and without effort? YES NO
Hold books the right way up and turn the pages? YES NO
Read to stuffed animals or toys? YES NO
Scribble with crayons? YES NO

By 30 months

Does the child?

Understand the concepts of size (big/little) and quantity (a little/a lot, more)? YES NO
Use some adult grammar (two cookies, bird flying, I jumped)? YES NO
Use over 350 words? YES NO
Use action words such as run, spill, fall? YES NO
Participate in some turn-taking activities with peers, using both words and toys? YES NO
Demonstrate concern when another child is hurt or sad? YES NO
Combine several actions in play (puts blocks in the train and drives the train, drops the blocks off.)? YES NO
Put sounds at the beginning of most words? YES NO
Use words with two or more syllables or beats (ba-na-na, com-pu-ter, a-pple)? YES NO
Recognize familiar logos and signs involving print (Stop sign)? YES NO
Remember and understand familiar stories? YES NO

By 3 years

Does the child?

Understand who, what, where and why questions? YES NO
Create long sentences using five to eight words? YES NO
Talk about past events (trip to grandparents house, day at child care)? YES NO
Tell simple stories? YES NO
Show affection for favourite playmates? YES NO
Engage in multi-step pretend play (pretending to cook a meal, repair a car)? YES NO
Talk in a way that most people outside of the family understand what she/he is saying most of the time? YES NO
Have an understanding of the function of print (menus, lists, signs)? YES NO
Show interest in, and awareness of, rhyming words? YES NO
Read to stuffed animals or toys? YES NO
Scribble with crayons? YES NO

By 4 years

Does the child?

Follow directions involving three or more steps (First get some paper, then draw a picture and give it to Mommy)? YES NO
Use adult type grammar? YES NO
Tell stories with a beginning, middle and end? YES NO
Talk to try and solve problems with adults and with other children? YES NO
Show increasingly complex imaginary play? YES NO
Talk in a way that is understood by strangers almost all the time? YES NO
Generate simple rhymes (cat-bat)? YES NO
Match some letters with their sounds (letter b says buh, letter t says tuh)? YES NO